WatchLock® Nabs Thieves for Nadro Pharmaceuticals

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It is estimated that the pharmaceutical industry in Mexico losses approximately 15,000,000 pesos annually due to theft. As one of the leading distributors of pharmaceuticals, hygiene and beauty products in Mexico, Nadro experiences its proportionate share of this amount. Already taking measures to prevent theft, Nadro sought a more effective system to protect and secure the goods they distribute.

Nadro recently started their WatchLock pilot program conservatively with six units. While all of their distribution trucks have a tracking device on them and a metal seal protecting the goods, this only lets the control center know where the truck is located or if it has stopped. WatchLock through its GPS and GMS capabilities, not only tracks the location of the transported goods, it alerts the control center if and when it has been accessed or an unauthorized attempt at access has been made.

It didn’t take long for Nadro to realize an ROI and just how effective WatchLock can be. Shortly after deploying WatchLock on one of Nadro’s distribution trucks, the company’s control center was alerted that the truck had stopped midway to its destination. At the same time, WatchLock sent an alert to the control center that it had been accessed. The operator alerted the police, who were able to apprehend the thieves and recover all of the stolen goods.

Due to WatchLock’s ability to alert the control center to its opened status, they were able to immediately respond to the incident and avoid the loss. The driver of the truck did or could not alert the control center when stopped, either because of involvement or threats he received for the thieves. WatchLock’s ability to automatically send alerts on its own increases security reliability.

“With the success of the pilot program, Nadro is now working with Mul-T-Lock on integrating 200 to 300 WatchLock units into their entire distribution system,” commented Roy Zadikov, WatchLock Product Manager, Mul-T-Lock. “The WatchLock unit that caught the thieves is being held as evidence and will only be returned once the case is prosecuted.”

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