Government Offices in Pretoria, SA use SMARTair® to Curb Theft

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Theft increasingly became an issue for a government office in Pretoria, South Africa. Government workers complained about personal and office items being stolen, mostly likely whenever the workers left their offices unattended. While the department in question asked not to be specifically named, they decided it was time to find an access control solution to curb the ongoing problem.

The department was familiar with SMARTair Update-on-Card, having tested it for a period of time. Their positive experience with the access control solution and the benefits it provided made it an easy and validated choice. SMARTair is extremely easy to install, no special wiring is required and can be mounted directly on the existing mechanical lock. Moreover, it’s easy to use for users and those managing the system.

“With SMARTair, the government will be able to control access to each office within that particular department,” said Netta Ben Shlomo, SMARTair Product Manager, Mul-T-Lock. “And because SMARTair can conveniently make changes to authorizations and scheduling in near real-time, the solution is super-efficient in its management capabilities.” SMARTair overcomes many of the obstacles traditionally associated with access control systems as an intelligent electronic device with ease-of-use at the heart of its design.

The government office in Pretoria is installing 55 SMARTair escutcheons on various access points, including the building's interior offices. These will now only allow access to authorized individuals. This is expected to eliminate or dramatically reduce theft throughout the building in addition to raising the comfort levels of the government employees that work there.

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