SMARair Wall Reader Universal Design


The SMARTair Wall Reader is a unique and elegant access control solution designed for simple installation and operation.

The Wall Reader operates magnet locks, electric strike or electronic locks. All the control elements are on the inside of the door to enhance security.


Access control for commercial and institutional facilities, including offices, hospitals, factories, assisted living facilities, schools, sports clubs and more.

Management options*

Standalone; Offline; Update-On-Card (UOC); Wireless

* Products are upgradable from Standalone to Wireless


Simple installation

Simple operation

4-digit code

System management through easy-to-use software including: Authorizations; Time schedules; Daylight savings time and holidays; Deletion and replacement of lost tags; Audit trail; Temporary blockage; 4 operation modes - Standard, Open, First person in, Dual user (available only in the wireless version)

Scales up to 64,000 user cards and up to 64,000 doors per system


13.56 MHz, MIFARE® DESFire or iClass technology
Contactless cards/tags
2-4 cm read/write distance
Temperature range: -10°C to 80°C
12V AC/DC power
Consumption: Relay not active - 20µA; Relay active - 150mA
Relay: NO, NC, C
Wireless frequency: 868MHz or 915 MHz


With or without keypad (with keypad is not available as Standalone): RFID only; RFID and code; Code only