A CLIQ® key with a transponder for electronic access control systems.
Allows users to conveniently use a single all-in-one key for opening both electromechanical cylinders and doors secured by RFID access control systems.

Facilitates the installation and use of electromechanical platforms in apartment and office buildings, seniors' homes and other premises secured with RFID access control systems.
Recommended for new applications that combine a mechanical Mul-T-Lock platform and the Interactive®+ CLIQ®/ MT5® CLIQ®, and CLIQ® systems with access control solutions such as Mul-T-Lock's SMARTair.

Key head may incorporate round sticker transponders
Compatible with the mechanical Mul-T-Lock platform Interactive®+, as well as the electromechanical Interactive®+ CLIQ®/ MT5® CLIQ®
Compatible with electronic RFID access control systems, such as Mul-T-Lock's SMARTair

Users can design their own SynerCLIQ® cover sticker
Transponder dimensions: 22 mm diameter