SMARTair i-gate Padlock

Real-time electronic access control for trusted security in every environment

We know that your security and access needs extend beyond the walls of your organization. To that end, we have made it our mission to ensure modern security and real-time access control that lets only those allowed in, and meets the evolving needs of businesses, across the globe, including going keyless, wireless, and weatherproof.

Introducing the SMARTair i-gate Padlock

Built with your organization’s access needs and challenges in mind, the new SMARTair i-gate Padlock offers trusted security in almost every condition - inside and outside.

Upgrade any existing mechanical padlock by swapping it for the SMARTair i-gate Padlock and start controlling and monitoring any opening you choose with the SMARTair access management system, in real-time. From exterior, non-electrified gates through interior cupboards and cabinets, and to anywhere else secured by a mechanical padlock, the SMARTair i-gate Padlock has your high-security locking needs covered.

Tough on the elements, flexible on access options

The new SMARTair i-gate padlock is robust, resilient, and easy to operate. The wireless, electronic padlock can weather the toughest handling, even harsh weather conditions. It’s IP68-rated watertight cover and internal cylinder with Durability EN 15684 Class 6 Certification keep rain, dust, and other weather-related elements out.

At the same time, the battery-operated padlock is compatible with all standard proximity credential technologies: MIFARE®, DESFire and iCLASS®, as well as Bluetooth Low Energy, enabling any smartphone to be transformed into a virtual key, when combined with Openow, SMARTair’s mobile solution. Say goodbye to carrying separate cards or fob credentials, and hello to remotely issuing, amending or cancelling access permissions at any time, as you flexibly need.

Stop worrying about the security and access of your indoor and outdoor structures and never stress about monitoring and controlling access to them again!

Extend wire-free control to new and more access points, with the SMARTair i-gate Padlock today!

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