Traka 21 - Intelligent key Management System

Traka 21 Movie

Traka21 is an innovative plug n’ play system that provides businesses with the very latest in intelligent key management.

Simple, efficient and cost-effective, Mul-T-Lock’s Traka 21 helps trace and account for every key or keyset, With every key or keyset locked in place and only released with an authorized code, Traka21 helps ensure that critical business operations are monitored and controlled.


The key to business security

Despite the increasing sophistication of commercial security, the management of a business’s critical keys remains a weak link.

Keys give access to facilities, equipment, lockers, vehicles and more, making them one of your most valuable assets. But how do you control and monitor the keys to your business? With Traka21.  

There is a Better Way — Traka 21 Smart Key Management

Traka21 authorizes, secures and monitors all of your keys, automatically controlling and recording when a key is used and by whom. This information can be viewed directly on the Traka21 cabinet’s display or by export via a USB pen drive.