MT5® & MT5®+

Mul-T-Lock's multi-patented MT5 mechanical platform integrates advanced technology for premium security together with heighten key control.

As leaders in High Security locking solutions, Mul-T-Lock's MT5 platform is designed for maximum protection, flexibility and convenience to address the needs of customers in any industry.

MT5 and MT5+ combine protective elements to create either a double or triple locking mechanism to provide the highest levels of locking security:

Mul-T-Lock's innovative well-honed telescopic pin technology make it highly effective and reliable.

The patented Alpha Spring, a special mobile element located at the tip of the key, engages an additional level of security for enhanced protection.

The plus in MT5+ is a powerful side bar locking mechanism, which interacts with unique horizontal finger pins for extra protection.

MT5 & MT5+ Solution Benefits

Multi-layered Security - with the integration of an advanced locking mechanism.

Advanced Key Control - through unique coded Mul-T-Lock key card, only readable by authorized Mul-T-Lock dealers with KC5 machines.

Master Keying Options  - supporting complex operational and organizational needs.

Scalable and Customizable - the MT5 platform can support any-sized environment with a variety of formats and customized features to meet all operational needs.

Choice of Format - cylinders, padlocks, locks, electronic door solutions and more - one key fits them all.

MT5 & MT5+ Solution Features

Comprehensive Key and Cylinder Control  - to address a variety of needs:

Master Key Systems - assign various levels of access to a user's key.

Keyed Different - access each door with a different key.

Keyed Alike - access multiple doors with a single key.

3-in-1 Keying - instantly change a lock's combination up to 2 times by simply turning a key.
Modular Cylinder - gives you the flexibility to quickly and easily configure cylinder lengths according to customer needs.
Flexible and CLIQ Compatible - add convenient access control by integrating the electromechanical CLIQ® platform  to your MT5 and MT5+ system.