SMARTair® Knob Cylinder


The SMARTair Knob Cylinder is an easy-to-use, simple-to-install and highly effective electronic cylinder that can be integrated with other SMARTair locking elements − escutcheons, wall readers, e-motion − in one Access Control system managed by SMARTair Software.

The Knob Cylinder is upgradable from Standalone to Offline/Update-On-Card and/or Wireless, making it the perfect solution for both new and retrofit installations.

Mechanical features

Freewheeling knob until an authorized credential is presented
Motorized clutch activates cylinder cam

Compatible with a mass variety of standard mortise locks (Euro, Scandinavian, Finnish and ANSI models are available)

Panic function: Internal knob turning always opens door (only Euro model)

Available Knob Cylinder models:

Euro - Double cylinder (one or two electronic sides), half cylinder

Mortise cylinder 

Scandinavian - Double cylinder (one or two electronic sides), half cylinder

Electronic features

Reader module:

13.56 MHz, MIFARE® DESFire or iClass technology
Contact-less cards/tags
Opening distance: 10mm with standard cards
Programming device connection located on the front section of the electronic knob
Indication light: Red & green LED

Control Unit:

Non-volatile memory

Programmable in 3 modes: Normal mode - 1,500 users and 600 audit trail entries, Extended mode - 1,000 users and 1,000 audit trail entries, High traffic - All users of the installation have access and 1,000 audit trail entries, Real-time clock and calendar - 14 time profiles

RF module (Wireless):

868 MHz bi-directional radiofrequency technology
Serves to send updates from the hub to the control unit, and to send audit trail from the control unit to the hub
Encrypted communication
Distance between the RF module and the hub: 25m

Battery module:

1 x CR123A Lithium battery
Estimated battery life: 40,000 cycles; 2 years in standby (for the wireless model: 1-2 years in standby)
Simple battery change; no dismounting required


85% humidity without condensation
Temperature range: 0°C to 70°C
IP55 (extreme model)