Applications and Verticals



SMARTair Genesis provide tenants, building maintenance, vendors and visitors access at the right time without compromising on security. Commercial building management can rely on SMARTair Genesis that provide flexible and convenient control over access points, key duplication, and master key systems that suit the operational needs of the property.


SMARTair Genesis for retail secure inventory, assets and equipment that are located and stored in a variety of places: store rooms, display cases, cabinets, etc. Moreover, they can include features such as audit trails and reporting capabilities that can inform you who has access what and when.


Campuses are challenging to secure because of their vastness and condensed, ever-changing population. SMARTair Genesis addresses the ongoing changes to access rights for the student body, staff and personnel with a dynamic High Security that provides the flexibility to make changes as they happen.
Features such as audit trails can greatly assist in many aspects including incident resolution.


SMARTair Genesis solution help ensure that the right people have access to what they need, while limiting access to those that shouldn’t have it. This applies not only to main access points, but also to interior doors, storage rooms, closets and cabinets, and desk and filing drawers. SMARTair Genesis strike a balance between fast access and High Security with convenience and flexibility for this fast-paced, mission-critical environment.