CLIQ® Go: The future-proof way to support your small to medium-sized customers

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Running a business today means that managers are away from their desk, rather than sitting in their office. While your customers are away, security needs change: new staff join, keys are lost, access rights need to be changed. CLIQ® Go moves security to a new dimension.

CLIQ® Go is an electronic locking solution designed especially for locksmiths. It allows you and your customers to manage access control via an app. With complete access control at your fingertips and a stock of blank keys and cylinders in your store, CLIQ® Go allows you to respond instantly, delivering value-added service to your clients, directly from their mobile phone anytime, anywhere.

Easy to configure & programme cylinders & keys, it also allows you to keep a strong connection with your customers since only the locksmith who created the system in the first place can extend it.

The CLIQ® Go solution is the fast way to support your small to medium-sized customers.

Contact us today to discover how you can keep your business on the move and unlock a new dimension to access control.


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