Contemporary Security Solutions to Match Your Home Decor

There’s nothing like admiring your newly redecorated home. The crisp look of freshly painted walls, the excitement of new furniture and designs; it’s all so refreshing. Once you’ve redecorated, though, little details – minor things that you may not have thought of – begin to stand out more glaringly than they did before.

Time for a Lock Update

Now that you have a beautiful new home, don’t let small accents like your door locks throw off the whole look. Especially if you’ve given your house or apartment a more contemporary flavor, installing new digital door locks is a smart choice. It’ll only add to the appearance of your new decor, and it will certainly contribute to the convenience, peace of mind, and ease with which you will be able to access your home.

Should You Replace or Rekey?

How do you know when to replace the entire system or when it’s enough to just rekey? The basic rule is if the security system itself is a quality solution and doesn’t detract from your decor, then keep it, and just go with the simpler rekeying solution (described below). If the system is outdated or really disrupts the flow of your beautiful new look, it’s time to trade that lock in for a new one. You want your home to be safe and beautiful.

Rekeying Explained

If you already have a good lock system in your home but want to update the security because you moved, lost keys, or gave out too many keys to contractors and other strangers you’d rather not allow continuous access to, there is an easier, cheaper solution to changing all the locks. Rekeying is a process by which the locksmith resets the locking mechanisms so that the old keys no longer work and new keys are required to gain entry. This alternative is much faster, requires little labor, and is a lot cheaper than installing an entirely new set of locks across the house.

Should you get new locks? Talk to your local locksmith about whether changing or rekeying your locks is the best solution for you.