Mul-T-Lock’s premium cylinder platform is designed for supreme protection, flexibility and convenience - with your needs in mind. MTL™800 meets high international standards to offer enhanced resistance to picking, drilling, bumping and other forms of lock manipulation, so your home remains secure, always.

State of the art patented technology

MTL™800 integrate a combination of protective elements to create a triple locking mechanism:

Enhanced key copy control

Mul-T-Lock takes every possible measure to reduce unauthorized key duplication.

The MTL™800 key copy control system is employed through a unique card with a magnetic strip that holds your unique, encrypted key code. The key cutting control card, when presented to a Mul-T-Lock authorized locksmith, grants its holder the ability to order additional keys.

Premium protection you can count on

With Mul-T-Lock, you know you are safe. We are an international brand that makes it possible for you to buy a premium cylinder platform with patented protected keys through a global, authorized dealer network.