Vehicle Protection

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Mul-T-Lock offers an extensive range of advanced products that provide protection to commercial and private vehicles of all types. Solutions for commercial applications have been designed for ease-of-use, allowing drivers to access their equipment or the goods they are carrying easily.

Our High-Security locking solutions for commercial vehicles guarantee high resistance against burglary and allow companies to avoid direct and indirect costs related to attacks and organized robberies.


Convenient, Secure Hasp Locking System      

ArmaDlock is a hasp locking system that secures rear-hinged doors and side sliding doors for commercial vehicles, as well as for all hinged doors, including non-automotive applications.

Robust and lightweight, the push-lock cylinder contains a strong locking bolt that unites both sides of the lock to secure your commercial vehicle and everything it carries.

ArmaDlock fortifies security wherever hinged doors are used - vehicles, buildings, and residential applications. With the push-to-lock mechanism, you won’t need a key to lock up. Easy to use and install the ArmaDlock universally fits all vehicles and its round design seamlessly integrates with all exteriors.

With its diverse range of features, ArmaDlock’s smart design provides you with the flexibility to address the security needs for a wide range of applications – including your entire commercial vehicle fleet.


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3-Way Lock

Protect your vehicle with Mul-T-Lock reinforced multi-point locking systems. A multi-point lock combined with a Mul-T-Lock cylinder. This solution provides enhanced security of the side and back doors with a single key and it doesn't reduce vehicle cargo space. 

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Container Lock

A robust multi-purpose container lock, based on Mul-T-Lock’s High-Security DIAMOND HaspLock. The DIAMOND HaspLock (which is part of the product) is a powerful lock granted Security Grade 5.

The new heavy-duty lock, securing the vertical locking bars on container doors, was specially developed to meet the needs of truck and railway transport operators - who are regularly required to secure many different types of mobile containers. Featuring a flexible adjustment system, this user-friendly lock may be quickly and easily fitted onto and removed from containers of almost any type and size.


Mul-T-Lock’S MVP series is a locking solution that locks your vehicle's gearshift, protecting it against theft. Suitable for both manual and automatic transmissions.

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