Simple energy saver


SMARTair's simple energy saving device allows switching on/off the power in a room by inserting/extracting a card from the device. Any card in the size of a credit card can be used to activate the device.

This device is ideal for meeting rooms, common access rooms (such as a kitchen or storage room), class rooms and hotel guest rooms. 

The advantages of using SMARTair's simple energy saver: 

  • Reducing power consumption: the device helps reduce power consumption in a room by turning off the power when the room is not occupied.
  • Comfort: luminous LED indicator for easier insertion of the card into the device when the room is dark. Turning off the light is done by simply extracting the card from the device.
  • Courtesy time: it is possible to allow the lights to stay on for a pre-configured period of time (courtesy time) after the card is removed from the device – to allow safe exit from the room.
    This feature is optional.


  • Power: 100 - 220 VAC with 10% tolerance
  • Consumption: nominal 10mA, maximum 20mA
  • Frequency: 50-60 Hz
  • Projecting relays: 2 relays. One of them depending on the network phase tension and the other one voltage free.
  • Cutting capacity:
    • 12A, 250V ~, cos. =1.8A, 250V ~, cos. =0.6
    • Maximum incandescence 1A
    • Maximum halogen load 10A
    • In case of higher charge or inductive charge, low energy cold light, halogen or electronic fluorescent lamps, it is recommended to install also a "contactor" (not supplied)
  • Box: anticaloric ABS material.
  • Dimensions: height 96.42mm, width 81.12mm, bottom 32mm