SMARTair® Sustainability

SMARTair: An Access Control Solution That Works For You and the Environment

We live in a beautiful world, and if we want it to remain that way tomorrow, it’s up to us to keep it clean. This can be done by making Earth-friendly and responsible decisions today.

SMARTair is an access control solution that delivers the most up-to-date technology while saving you the typical expenses incurred by other locking systems. It’s easy to install, simple to control, and most importantly, will reduce your carbon footprint.

Smart on the World: Enviro-Friendly and Energy-Efficient

To be as environmentally-conscious as possible, the SMARTair has been designed with sustainability in mind.

SMARTair is a very simple system to install and it can be done within minutes since there are no wires or cables. It fits directly onto your current door locks, so you can keep the locks, doors, frames, and all. This is also particularly advantageous when working with sophisticated doors or heritage buildings in which the design and style of the structure shouldn’t be compromised.

SMARTair can use rechargeable batteries which can last for several years, and need only be re-charged after approximately 70,000 uses.

Because most updates, changes, and management is done remotely, you eliminate the need for in-person maintenance, doing away with the smog and pollution that comes from these frequent visits. Updates are sent out via the wireless devices or an updater device, and changes are transferred automatically by the user cards to the doors devices. Reports can be all maintained in e-format for a paperless, more efficient and environmentally-friendlier way of doing business.

The SMARTair solution is also available with an energy saving device. This addition will turn off the electricity when the area is not in use, earning you substantial savings on your power consumption and your electricity bill.

Smart on the Brain: A Simpler, More Efficient System

SMARTair is therefore an incredibly effective as a system for hotels and offices that will not only save you money on your monthly bills, but it will also greatly reduce your carbon footprint, ensuring that your building is making the world a cleaner place to live in.