Openow™ is the new app for SMARTair® wireless access control systems, making life easier, more convenient and secure for everyone.

With Openow™ your mobile phone becomes the key

Facility managers, business owners and security administrators can instantly send, revoke or update virtual keys from the designated SMARTair® software or web browser.

With Openow™ you will enjoy all the benefits of an access control system without having to administer physical keys or key cards. Virtual keys are securely deployed anytime you choose to anywhere in the world, so users can open doors with their mobile phone via the Openow™ app.

This added solution provides facility managers and business owners with great flexibility by eliminating the need of physical keys, without ever having to physically hand them over or take them back. The administrator can grant or revoke access in an instant, enabling him to remain in control over his facility, at all times.

Augmented functionality users love

Openow™ makes it easy for your users to organize virtual keys inside the app, check how long they are valid, and protect them further with an individual PIN. If they have virtual keys from multiple sites or premises, Openow™ easily handles those, too. No more time wasted wondering where the key cards were left; no more appointments to pick them up or have them revalidated.

Openow™ is the perfect solution for facilities with people on the move or a high volume of visitors and subcontractors. It is built for businesses where third-party contractors are always on-site, boutique hotels or home rental with no reception desk and companies whose staff travel regularly to global subsidiaries. 

Easy to install and use

Businesses and locksmiths, you will be thrilled by how easy it is for your customers to take advantage of this new mobile access solution. Just have them download the Openow™ app, available for iOS and Android, and they will instantly receive the key that unlocks the designated SMARTair® secured door, regardless of where you - or they, are. Your customers can hold as multiple virtual keys as needed. Now, all that is left for your users to do is tap a SMARTair® lock with their phone and the door will unlock.

The SMARTair® Openow™ app is free to download now from Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store. 

Download Openow™