As a worldwide leader in high-security locking solutions, Mul-T-Lock is renowned for developing key, innovative locking solutions for residential and commercial assets. Mul-T-Lock’s MTL™800 cylinder platform is designed for premium protection, flexibility and convenience - with the needs of customers in any industry in mind.

State of the art patented technology

The unique platform combines protective elements to create a triple locking mechanism and enhanced key copy control.

Reduce unauthorized key copies

The certified key cutting procedure can only be implemented when the original magnetic card is presented to an authorized Mul-T-Lock dealer who owns a KC5 key cutting machine.

Powerful master keying capabilities

Mul-T-Lock's Master Key Systems (MKS) are designed to scale with your evolving locking needs. You can use a single master key to unlock all or selected doors, dramatically reducing the number of keys you have in circulation, while enabling more dynamic access control.

MTL™800 supports large and complex master key systems, incorporating hierarchy and matrix requirements, within a single suite.