MTL™500 Excellent Protection

MTL™500 mechanical platform integrates innovative technology for enhanced security together with advanced key control, offering next-level protection.

Opciones de codificación avanzadas

El sistema de cierre MTL ™ 500 es ideal para empresas medianas y grandes. Ofrece varias opciones de codificación y una jerarquía de codificación maestra para diferentes productos y entornos de cierre.

Powerful master keying capabilities

MTL™500 can handle complex master key systems and can be easily expanded upon as a business grows. The backward compatibility function enables you to secure your facilities with an up-to-date, high-security solution, while the new master keys remain compatible with previous products. In addition, you can gradually upgrade your existing systems, rather than replacing the whole system at once, saving you precious financial resources.

Enhanced key copy control

MTL™500 gives you the peace of mind you want and deserve. Mul-T-Lock takes every possible measure to reduce unauthorized key duplications. The MTL™500 patented system, together with a unique magnetic card, grants enhanced key copy control.