The MTL™400 offers an advanced protection locking solution with enhanced key copy control.

Thanks to a combination of technologies, MTL™400 offers high resistance to all forms of lock manipulations. Also, it comes with a unique magnetic duplication card and patented protected keys to provide key copy control for peace of mind

Advanced Master Key System Capabilities

Keys are mastered to provide each user with access to authorized areas only, increasing access control while reducing the number of keys in circulation.

This mechanical cylinder platform provides scalable and modular Master Key System capabilities for any kind of business or asset at the best possible price without compromising on advanced security levels.

Customized features allowed the creation of hundreds of potential combinations within the same system for convenience and enhanced security.

Ideally integrates with a wide range of products and applications, you'll be able to adapt MTL™400 to fit your assets' needs as they grow, evolve, and scale.