eCLIQ keys

- Compact key design ensures stability for problem-free, long-lasting operation

- Reversible key: always fits, regardless of which direction it faces when inserted in the cylinder

- Optical and acoustic indication for authorized access, unauthorized or out of schedule access attempt and for low battery 

- Protected against temporary immersion in water (IP67)

- 3 key types are available: basic, time and remote

- Integrated standard battery (CR2032 lithium cell) for approximately 30,000 cycles (service life of approx. 3 years)

- Battery replacement in the key does not require tools


Programming key (C-Key):

 The red programming key is used to transmit authorization updates and event logs between the software and the locking devices (cylinders & padlocks). The key also authorizes the use of the software.

User key:

Basic (E1) - for simple access authorizations

Time (E2) - with time-based authorizations and event log

Remote (E3) - with time-based authorizations, event log, and temporary issuance of access rights

User key “Beluga":

Designed for use in outdoor installation (-30°C to +50°C), for example, storage in the fire service safe.

RFID key:

Key with an integrated RFID chip for integration with transponder-based systems, e.g. access control systems.

ATEX certified key:

User keys are optionally available for use in potentially-explosive areas in Zone 1 (II 2G Ex ib IIB T4