In-Home Access Control with ENTR™ Smart Lock Solution

In-Home Access Control with ENTR™ Smart Lock Solution

Your home is a busy, dynamic place. Family members, domestic staff, and visitors come in and out – some days more so than others. While they all need access to the house – do you really want everyone to have access to every room? How do you keep certain rooms safe, secure, and private? How can you control who has access to which rooms and when?

Up until now, using traditional keys was the only option to secure interior spaces. This option is less convenient, flexible and makes you a security guard in your own home. Similar to many aspects of our lives, today’s digital technology and new innovations are providing convenience in ways we couldn’t imagine just a few years ago. In the same way that smartphones have revolutionized communication, the ENTR™ smart lock solution is revolutionizing home security.

Beyond Your Front Door

Instead of carrying a massive key chain, which can be lost, stolen or duplicated, ENTR allows you to control access right from your smartphone, tablet and a variety of other devices such as a fingerprint reader, touchpad or remote control. Moreover, it allows you to schedule authorizations, so you can grant or cancel access to your house or room during specific times and days. Even if a person has a code, virtual key or registered fingerprint, you can deny access whenever necessary.

ENTR is a perfect solution for internal doors to rooms that contain sensitive or valuable belongings – home office, wine cellar, backyard door, garage, home gym, or anywhere. It’s smart, sleek design extends to every element of the ENTR smart lock solution from installation to charging its batteries. ENTR is easy to install , can be moved from door to door, without any need for wiring or drilling and uses powerful, eco-friendly rechargeable batteries.
Mul-T-Lock, the manufacturers of ENTR smart lock solution, are renowned for developing innovative, and high security locking solutions with an eye on design. Exacting materials and manufacturing ensure its reliability, while its’ modern design blends in and enhances any door.

Effective access control and home security is now something you can easily extend to your home and its interior – the most important place there is. To find out more about ENTR, visit