Industry-Standard High-Performance Security Padlocks Revolutionize Food Transport

While basic locks are good for smaller projects, food transport managers use padlocks when they need complete assurance that their goods are secure. NE Series padlocks from Mul-T-Lock deter break-ins. Made from superior quality materials and designed for optimal service, these padlocks have the strength and durability necessary to keep cargo securely locked away from prying hands.

Latest Standards: Check!

Cutting-edge NE padlocks meet the latest regulations in land and air shipment regulations. These industry-standard EN12320 padlocks ensure that your cargo is as secure as possible. In keeping with the highest standards available to date, Mul-T-Lock padlocks fulfill all the 2012 (Grades 3-6) or ASTM F883 (Grades 4-6) requirements.

Fool-Proof Features

Food transport managers choose from various models with the most resilient features like:

-       Open/close shackle variants.

-       Sliding bolt padlocks.

-       Patented key security. All patented key padlocks are sold with their own key cutting card to prevent unauthorized duplication.

-       Master keying. Frequently, employees need to manage several padlocks, and a master key to unlock all of them provides an easy, fast, and convenient solution.

-       Rekeying and keyed-alike features also give managers an easy way to keep cargo locked with one secure key.


EN12310 standard padlocks are a must for anyone in the food transport industry – or any other industry – who takes security seriously. Knowing which padlock is the right one for you can be a complicated process. Contact your local locksmith to get the perfect fit for your secure needs today.