The Locksmith’s Guide to Digital Transformation

As technology evolves at warp-speed, retail stores need to develop and adjust their business practices to incorporate and meet the demands of a changing world. With ever-new concepts, gadgets, and possibilities, both your customers’ expectations and the industry’s application of home, office, and mobile security systems are expanding, and a traditional locksmith tied to his/her conventional methods will quickly become obsolete. Here are some ways that the locksmithing and access control sector is changing and how you can keep up with the pace.

Technological Innovations

In years gone by, a locksmith’s job was generally key replication and repair. But with so many forms of keyless security on the market today, locksmiths need to update their skill set to maintain their usefulness.

Don’t run from the change; utilize it. Technology now allows locksmiths to automate their signup, order, and payment processes, improve business performance, and get more customer feedback to enhance customer experience. To stay in the game, professionals today need to develop their computer skills, along with their electronic keying devices to better service the general public.

Customer Behavior & Demand

Additionally, locksmiths today need to accept and understand consumer buying behavior and the process that customers go through from their initial curiosity in a product through the research and comparison stages and finally to the buying part of the journey. With increased technological capabilities, combined with the desire for ease of use, shoppers are looking for a smooth, comprehensive, and accessible solution – in short, something electronic. Customers demand endless online options for researching and buying new products and services, available at their fingertips 24/7, so make sure your offerings fit the bill.

External Environmental Factors

Finally, external environmental factors like product material, gas emissions, and safety regulations are all influencing the shift towards digitalization in the security sector. Sustainability is an important concept that incorporates various methods of preserving natural resources and reducing the carbon footprint a company and product have on the environment. These factors must be learned and considered when making the move into a more tech-based industry.

What You Can Do: A Digital Partners Program That Works for You

The world is quickly transforming into a technology-driven universe, and smart locksmiths are catching onto the need to join the digital transformation. Fortunately, just as the demands are growing through technological advancements, so too are solutions more readily available and accessible via digital tools and mediums. Locksmiths are quickly learning that they cannot be left in the dark without a candle to direct them.

For this reason, industry leaders are taking strides to:

-       Educate their locksmiths

-       Give them the tools they need to survive and thrive in a new digital world such as Facebook for businesses, Dealer’s sites, Google Analytics, and more

-       Explain and expound upon digital marketing tactics that can help grow their business


Here are 6 ways today’s locksmiths can stay ahead of the curve:

Tip #1: Understand the Marketplace 

Tip #2: Realize How Digital Marketing Can Help you Grow Your Business

Tip #3: Join the Mul-T-Partners Program

Tip #4: Load up Your Digital Marketing Toolbox

Tip #5: Go Online & Go Mobile

Tip #6: Adapt Digital Products to Create Smooth & Consistent Interaction with Your Audience


In our digital society, locksmiths have no choice but to embrace the technological explosion with open arms. The smart dealer will sell the digital security products people are looking for today and utilize the digital world to create a better, smarter, easier experience for their customers. Click here to find out more on how to make this happen.