Tips for Launching Your Facebook Business Page

By now you’ve learned how important an online presence is for your locksmithing business and may have even dabbled in some free digital platforms designed to make your marketing efforts shine. Today, we’re going to discuss creating an engaging Facebook Business page your target audience won’t be able to ignore.

There are currently over 2 billion people using Facebook for a myriad of purposes each day. As such, Facebook Business pages are a place you can create and develop relationships with potential new leads, nurture them into customers and engage them towards continued retention. 

But first…

How do you create a Facebook Business page?

If you don’t already have a personal Facebook account, you’ll need to sign up before you can get started.

Once logged into your Facebook account, click on the “Create” button in the header. Then click on “Page.”

Navigate over to the “Business or Brand” (left) side of the screen and click “Get Started.”

You will need to fill in your page name - be sure to choose one that fits your brand and its offering. 

Next, select a category that describes your locksmithing business. Locksmith and Business Service are both good options, but you can only choose one. 

When you’re done, click “Get Started” and you’ll be taken to your brand-new Facebook Business Page, which you can customize and fill with original and curated content.

Don’t forget to write up a company profile, upload an attractive profile and cover pictures, enter contact information and send out friend requests to key influencers and website subscribers.

The best tips for an engaging Facebook Business page

Tip #1 - Research your target audience

Like when launching any other marketing campaign, when promoting your locksmithing business via Facebook, you need to do your due diligence and learn everything you can about your target audience. Questions such as where do your audience members live, what kinds of products are they interested in, what kinds of ads are they interested in and how often should you post should be studied and answered.

Tip #2 - Research your competition

Take a look at what other players in the locking solution world are posting, how they’re attracting followers and how they nurture leads through the sales funnel from the comfort of their Facebook Business page. This will help you learn what kind of content works, and what kind doesn’t.

Tip #3 - Promote in your brand’s image and voice

Your Facebook Business page should represent your locksmithing business in its tone, image, and voice. Write professionally, yet informally, to endear yourselves to customers and foster their trust in you as a reliable product service provider.

Tip #4 - Create a content schedule ahead of each month

The only thing worse than having no Facebook Business Page is having a Facebook Business page with no new content being posted. Life happens, and sometimes we can lose track of time, so it’s best to create and schedule a month’s worth of content at a time, taking into account local holidays, sales events and more, so your Facebook Business page remains busy, even when you’re too busy to post.

Tip #5 - Images can speak 1,000 words

From your profile pic and cover photo to the images you attach to your posts, be sure any visual you use is clear, attractive and highly engaging. When an image lures in the eye, it can motivate viewers to read words. Add a call-to-action (CTA) button on your images, like “Sign Up,” “Click Here,” or “Watch Now” to turn your image into an advocate for your locksmithing business.

And take advantage of freemium platforms like Canva and stock photo databases like Pixabay to take your Facebook Business page to the next level.

Tip #6 - Pin important posts to the top of your page

Never let an important post get lost in the shuffle. Pin them to the top of your page and ensure everyone who checks out your page is up-to-date on what matters to your brand - and your customer base most. Pinned posts can include policy updates, sales event announcements, career openings and more.

Tip # 7 - Monitor and respond to comments and chat requests

What really sets next-generation businesses apart from the rest is the ability to provide personalized consumer experiences, even from afar. Be proactive about customer support. Respond to questions and comments posted to your page and thank customers for great reviews.

Tip #8 - Use Facebook Insights to assess your page’s success

Facebook Audience Insights is an analytical tool that allows you to track your page’s reach and performance. It will tell you how many likes a post got, how many people are chatting about your page and other useful metrics. Use these metrics to understand just how well (or how poorly) your marketing efforts are paying off on Facebook and optimize accordingly.

Tip #9 - Use Facebook Business page promotions to boost your posts (paid)

Sometimes, despite your most valiant efforts, you need a little extra push to get your content to reach the right audience. Facebook Business page promotions include a variety of paid tactics to get your posts the exposure they deserve. Tailor your paid promotions to your ad spend and watch as the customer come rushing in. Read more about promotion options here >>


To sum

Launching a Facebook Business page may seem daunting, but with a little determination and the tips laid out above, you can do it!