Email marketing 101

Did you know that there are currently over four billion email accounts active around the world?* While it may seem like a lot, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. Email is the single most effective tactic** locksmithing business owners like yourself can employ to drive and improve your customers’ awareness, acquisition, conversion and retention. As such, creating email newsletters and marketing mailers to promote your business and retarget your customers are tactics you absolutely should not do without.





But first...


What is a marketing email?

A marketing email, or mailer, is a concise communication sent to your subscribers that contains highly specific, goal-oriented marketing material. This can include information on updates to your website, sneak peaks of new product lines, exclusive and time-limited offers and other calls to action (CTA). The point of the marketing email is to get your subscribers to complete the goal outlined in the mailer, usually by clicking on a CTA button or link that takes them to a particular page on your business website, including shopping carts they may have filled and abandoned before completing their purchase.

What is an email newsletter?

Email newsletters are digital commercial messages regularly published to a group of people, using email. Like mailers, email newsletters are also sent directly to your subscribers’ email addresses. However, while the big picture goal of creating email newsletters is to promote your locksmithing business and the products you sell, email newsletters differ from marketing emails in that they engage with your customers on a more global, educational level, promoting a long-term business-customer relationship.

Your email newsletter might feature articles on new locking innovations from around the world, new developments within your business, or tips, tricks and other blog-like pieces that teach readers something new about the wonderful world of locking solutions. The hope is that your readers will begin to view your business as a source of locking expertise - and will remember to turn to you when they need to acquire new locks, duplicate keys or upgrade their access control systems.

The top 3 benefits of Email Marketing

Email is a direct line of communication

Prompt your subscribers with relevant content from where they will definitely see it. With email, messages are sent directly to the recipient’s inbox, unlike in the case of social media, where target audience members may not see your message, even if they follow your account. You can even segment and tailor the content you send to different subscribers, thanks to advances in email automation.

Email is a great way of staying in touch between transactions

70 percent of surveyed*** customers admit to always opening emails from their favorite brands. They know your business, they understand your value and they keep coming back for more. That’s lifetime customer retention at its best, propagated by the distribution of value-adding content they can trust. Send them an offer-filled mailer or an informative newsletter in between transaction and you’re likely to successfully nurture these relationships until they next opt to purchase - and beyond.




Email keeps your brand relevant in customers’ eyes

Customers may appreciate your locks, keys and platforms at the time of purchase and installation, but the fact is, it’s hard to remain at the top of their minds on a day-to-day basis. To ensure you remain relevant when it comes to them referring your locksmithing business to their friends and relatives, send them an email newsletter or a mailer asking if it’s time to change their locks. It’ll jog their memory and keep your business relevant in their eyes.

Best practices to engage your customers with newsletters and mailers

●      Research your target audience and then ask yourself, “How can I help resolve their problem or fulfill their need?” Focus your email content around the relevant response.

●      Design to shine - create a minimalistic but highly engaging email design that matches your brand image. Use contrasting colors and highlight important keywords. Make sure CTA buttons are highly visible and attract the eye.

●      Let the language you use reflect your (and your brand’s) personality. Replace tech jargon with layman terms that invite your customers to read more.

●      Grow your email list through a mix of in-person and online promotions, including promoting your email newsletters themselves.

●      Actively & passively curate content for your newsletters and mailers. Create some and cull some from the news, surveys, studies and other relevant sources.

●      Segment and personalize mailers and newsletters according to analytics insights. This will help you target the right audience with the right content, driving satisfaction, conversions and retention.

●      KISS - keep your messages simple, clear and on point. Make it scannable, but actionable. And be sure to always have an exciting subject line that draws eyes in.

●      Use automation software to make your email deployment easier.

●      Use analytics tools to make your email efforts smarter and more precise.

Bottom line

Email newsletters and mailers serve different short-term purposes, but share the same long-term goal - engaging your subscribers and enticing them to keep returning to your locksmithing business for all their security needs. Follow the above best practices to create email content your customers will love to read and click through, and start watching your business grow and thrive.

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