Electromechanical Security Handles


For a Secure, Keyless Solution

The key to indoor security is keyless. Using patented technology, Code-It® helps secure your inwardly opening windows and doors and protect your valuable assets, throughout the day. Code-It® allows you to easily and securely unlock your doors and windows by entering a personal code, for highly convenient and secure keyless solution. 

Code-It Benefits

Code-It for windows and interior doors are ideal for you, optimizing and ensuring protection for your access points with extreme ease:

  • Streamlines convenient, secure keyless operation for frequent entering, exiting through doors and opening and closing of windows.
  • Provides an effective door and window locking solution, from the inside.
  • Enhances safety with flexible locking positions and a separate locking button.
  • Easy to install, with no need for wiring. 
  • Easy to use, requiring no keys, or smart card credentials.
  • Blocks unauthorized persons from entering a room.
  • Highly compatible with most locking & latching products.
  • Supplies power independently, requiring no electrical outlet.


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