SMARTair® Reference ULab CoWorking Space

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SMARTair® brings real-time monitoring to a new co-working space

The Challenge

ULab is a new co-working space in Alicante’s financial district, with 56 workstations, 12 offices and an area reserved for events. When planning the space, founders committed to integrating the latest in security, accessibility and design, to give ULab the feel and facilities of a 21st- century business centre.

They sought a flexible, wire-free access control system to maximise security, enable future expansion and complement the workspace’s sleek, contemporary design.

Key requirements

  • An access control system able to monitor the whole building in real time
  • A flexible system adaptable to both regular daily traffic and busy one-off events
  • A single control point that could grant access remotely to all locks
  • The ability to schedule access rights for different profiles, according to individual needs and responsibilities
  • Components designed to convey an ultra-modern image for the co-working space


SMARTair™ Wireless Online was chosen to control access to the building and individual offices. ULab’s SMARTair™ system now securely manages daily traffic of approximately 100 people, and has the flexibility to accommodate many more visitors when their event space is full.

“In addition to daily traffic, weekly traffic can almost multiply by 10 if an event is held,” says Enrique Burgos. “We needed an access control system as flexible and convenient as SMARTair™.”

With SMARTair™ Wireless Online, ULab’s facility manager can monitor building security status in real time, controlling who enters and when. The installation permits remote opening of every door from the SMARTair™ software, Web Manager or mobile app, enabling easy access when users have lost or forgotten their credential.

Because SMARTair™ locks open with RFID smartcards, security is not compromised if an employee loses

a credential. With the SMARTair™ Web Manager accessible from any browser on any device, a simple click cancels the credential’s access rights — much quicker and significantly less expensive than replacing a mechanical lock.

Also, crucially for ULab, SMARTair™ components complement the contemporary design aesthetic — and capture the spirit of ULab.


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