Slovakia’s Tatra National Park Upgrades Security with SMARTair®

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The Challenge

The Tatra National Park is a national symbol and landmark for the Slovakian people. In 1993 this amazing park and mountain range was designated a transboundary biosphere reserve by UNESCO for both Poland and Slovakia. The park is visited by tourists, hikers, and campers throughout the year, enjoying the park known for its natural beauty. On the Slovakian side, campground facilities were being used by day visitors that are designated for registered campsite guests only. This created higher exposure for vandalism and theft, in addition to heightened daily wear and tear. Park management wanted a solution that kept unauthorized users out and provided registered guests secure access.

The Solution
TANAP, the organization that manages the Slovakian side of the park, turned to Mul-T-Lock for a solution to secure the designated campground toilets. SMARTair was the answer. SMARTair Update-On-Card Escutcheons were installed on the facilities, together with 350 wristband credentials. Now, as guests check in, they receive a wristband which provides them secured  access.


The Result

SMARTair allows TANAP to manage and restrict access to registered guests only. Authorizations for the wristbands can be easily managed as guests come and go. Moreover, in the event a wristband is lost or stolen, access authorization can easily be deleted. This affordable and highly effective solution not only helps maintain security for the guests, it helps to ensure that unauthorized use is eliminated.

“This is an ideal smart solution. Its simplicity, yet versatile functionality make it easy to manage,” said Šavel Lubomír, Facility Manager, TANAP. “SMARTair will also help us reduce damage and wear & tear on the facilities, which can directly impact costs and the use of our resources.”