An Authorized Mul-T-Lock Locksmith Explains Why He’s Embraced ENTR®

Omar is an authorized Mul-T-Lock locksmith from Argentina. He’s a people person and truly cares about his customers’ home locking safety and wellbeing.

Omer is often called to consult with on the ideal locking solution for his customers. He used to hearing the same challenges and needs: 

  • The need for superior access security
  • The ability for homeowners to feel safe in their own homes
  • A desire for locking convenience, doing away with traditional keys
  • Sleek design
  • A system that is easy to install and easy to maintain
  • A lack of professional guidance during and following installation


ENTR offers a solution that responds to Omar’s clients’ needs head-on

His customers walk into the door looking for the next generation of smart locking systems, one that meets their 21st century digital and security needs.

Without a doubt, his first suggestion - for singles, couples and families, is ENTR.

He describes how the key-free solution transforms any front door into a smart door and gives homeowners access from their smartphone, fingerprint reader, touchpad or remote control.

From a locksmith’s perspective, Omar feels that ENTR serves as the ideal integration of electronic and mechanical innovation. With the protection of a mechanical cylinder and the convenience of advanced digital technology, ENTR provides homeowners with security and options without compromising on performance.


Hassle-free professional, ongoing support

What truly sets ENTR apart from other locks on the market, in Omar’s opinion, is the full service and support that comes with its installation. With ongoing professional support from Mul-T-Lock authorized locksmiths like Omar, every ENTR user is a secure and satisfied customer, “which says a lot in an era of DIY project popularity”, Omar proudly proclaims.


To this date, Omar has installed 14 ENTR systems in his hometown, providing locals with a secure, keyless entry to their homes.

Omar has placed a sample system on display in his store. He can’t help but show it off to everyone who walks by and looks forward to securing many more Argentinian entryways with ENTR in the future.


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