Cornwall Gardens Get A CLIQ® Upgrade

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In the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, the Resident Committee of Cornwall Gardens sought to upgrade their mechanical locking systems with something that would also give key and access control. The ideal solution would provide the High Security of mechanical locking; be wireless; and not disturb the aesthetics of the Gardens. Moreover they needed to solve their costly issue of key control; as keys were lost, stolen or as resident moved out and were no longer entitled to have access to the private garden.

The Resident Committee contacted local locksmiths Keyway Stores to recommend a locking solution that would address their specific needs and their recommendation was CLIQ Interactive. CLIQ Interactive is an advanced electromechanical locking solution, which adds electronic intelligence to standard mechanical keys. Using a master control key, access rights can be amended and lost or stolen keys can be easily removed from the system whilst authorized keys can be given limited access to areas, as well as time-controlled zones. In addition, CLIQ Interactive is a wireless system that needs no special preparation for installation or electrical supply to power it. The CLIQ key is battery powered and serves as the power source for the cylinder system too.

CLIQ Interactive technology is based on highly miniaturized data encryption electronics, which is embedded directly inside the key and the cylinder. For extra security, each key contains a unique electronic ID that cannot be duplicated, altered or corrupted. Cylinders are suitable for external use, and conform to BS EN 1303, whilst padlocks carry an IP57 water rating.

“Keyways Stores recommended CLIQ Interactive to enable us to retain a master key system without the need for power and have total control of key holders. CLIQ also allows us to update keys automatically and control entrances quickly and easily. Finally, we were conscious not to affect the aesthetics of the gated access to the gardens, which date back to the 19th Century and CLIQ again proved to be the perfect solution,” said Eric Munro of Cornwall Gardens.

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