Czech School, Lycée Français de Prague, Boosts Security with CLIQ® Access Control System

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The Challenge

Lycée Français de Prague, a school in the Czech Republic, struggled to manage its existing complex security system. Their system is comprised of many single-access and master keys used to secure many doors throughout the educational institution. They sought to upgrade their mechanical locking system to one that enabled seamless, more efficient and enhanced access control while eliminating the extensive resources – human and monetary, involved in handing keys out, keeping track of all keys in circulation and ensuring new keys were produced when other keys were lost or stolen. The ideal solution would provide the high security benefits of mechanical-locking, yet be less cumbersome, wire-free and cost-efficient.


The Solution

Following an in-depth search that included multiple Czech and international websites, as well as a consultation with Mul-T-Lock sales representatives, Lycée Français de Prague selected Mul-T-Lock’s CLIQ Access control system as the smart locking solution to best meet their needs.  CLIQ® is a wire-free, high-security electromechanical locking solution that  uses web-based management software to address any establishment’s high physical security needs with remote management and control capabilities. Micro-technology embedded into the system’s cylinders, padlocks and keys enable remote communication with the entire system. With it, users can conveniently manage access rights and more, directly from a computer or use the system’s programming devices, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual intervention. Powered by trusted, field-proven technology, Microsoft SQL Server Databases and SSL certificates, all communication between work stations and the database remains secure - accessible only to authorized users.

CLIQ’s implementation by an authorized supplier responded to Lycée Français de Prague’s every need, through the installation of a variety of CLIQ products, including the CLIQ Web Manager Software, CLIQ® cylinders, CLIQ®  ArmaDLocks, CLIQ® Camlocks, CLIQ® Interactive+ technology, CLIQ® Local Programming Device and more, throughout the school’s property.


The Result: Smart, Convenient Access Control

Installation of the CLIQ® security system throughout the Lycée Français de Prague’s grounds has resulted in multiple benefits for the school. These include limiting physical keys to one per user, flexible control options, full audit trail capabilities, enhanced practicality, usability and visibility and most importantly, a far more secure system.

“Overall, we are extremely satisfied with the key system that was installed. It has resolved the most problematic key related issues the school experienced,” said Katarina Eliasova of the Lycée Français de Prague.


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