SMARTair® Proves to be an Ideal Solution for HQ Hotels

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HQ Bar & Restaurant own and operate three boutique hotels in Douglas, on the Isle of Man in the UK. Recently, they sought to upgrade their mechanical locking system. In addition, they wanted to address their need for better key management – an issue for many hotels when guests don’t return or lose room keys. Initially, HQ was only looking to install a new system at one of their hotels, The Mereside.
“When guests leave and forget to return keys, alongside the obvious security issues onsite, it becomes difficult to run the hotel efficiently.” Angela McCluskey, Owner HQ Bar & Restaurants.

MC Locksmiths has a long-standing relationship with HQ. When consulted about how to address their need for enhanced security and better key management, MC recommended SMARTair. Mul-T-Lock’s SMARTair is a high performing, cost effective access control system. As a wire-free system, it is easy to install, requiring no special wiring or preparation. The SMARTair system is controlled by a unique management card, which allows the front desk to reassign user fobs quickly and easily.
“We have worked with MC Locksmiths Services Limited a long time and trust their judgment, so when they recommended switching to an access control system as stylish and cost effective as SMARTair™, we had little hesitation,” said Ms. McCluskey.Mark Corrin of MC Locksmiths Services Limited added, “SMARTair™ is easy to install, program and maintain, making it a great product to work with and maintain for the hotel. These are all critical features to offer a hotel environment where any maintenance work has to be carried out with due care not to affect the daily operations, or the guest experience. With it being supplied by Mul-T-Lock, globally renowned for offering premium security, the end result is a high performance access control management system for owners, staff and guests’ peace of mind.”

HQ management was quick to realize and appreciate SMARTair’s features and benefits. So much so, they arranged to have SMARTair installed across all of their facilities including their other two hotels, The Glen Mona and The Rosslyn. “The system is fantastic; it was installed effortlessly and is really
easy to use, even for those staff who aren’t computer literate. We arranged for our other hotels to be upgraded and would have no issue recommending SMARTair to other independent hotel operators,” stated Angela McCluskey, Owner HQ Bar & Restaurants.

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