SMARTair® Overview

SMARTair® Pro offers several levels of contactless, keyless and wireless control all in one system, so you can grant different levels of access according to your facility’s needs. You can select the most efficient way to update the access rights depending on your requirements and combine them in your installation. No cabling required. Uses personalized smart card credentials, which can also be programmed for other uses.

Introducing the SMARTair i-gate Padlock

Upgrade any existing mechanical padlock by swapping it for the SMARTair i-gate Padlock and start controlling and monitoring any opening you choose with the SMARTair access management system, in real-time. From exterior, non-electrified gates through interior cupboards and cabinets, and to anywhere else secured by a mechanical padlock, the SMARTair i-gate Padlock has your high-security locking needs covered.


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Openow™ - The new intelligent mobile solution for SMARTair® access control

Users of a SMARTair® access control system can open doors with their mobile phone and the Openow™ app. Facility managers can send, revoke and update virtual keys from anywhere. For security staff, business owners and every user of a site — from nurses on a ward, to mobile workers in a co-working space, to students in an accommodation block — Openow™ takes mobile credentials to the next level.


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SMARTair® Pro web manager

SMARTair® makes affordable access control more flexible and more mobile than ever. With SMARTair® web manager you can manage your SMARTair® system, anytime, anywhere!


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SMARTair® Pro Wireless Online

Real-time access control by your side!

SMARTair® Pro Wireless Online enters a new dimension and offers a new degree of intelligence. Forget about wiring the doors, walking all around the building to re-programme the system or forcing users to go through an online system to make updates. The smartest access control system imaginable is finally here.


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SMARTair® Standalone

SMARTair® Stand Alone is managed by a Programming Card (no need for software, encoder or portable programmer).

Each system needs its own programming card, but one Programming Card can manage an unlimited number of SMARTair Stand Alone locks and wall readers.

SMARTair Stand Alone is a simple-to-use product. It allows adding and deleting users from the lock, passage mode and handling lost cards. (There are no additional features like time profiles, event log, etc).

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