Advanced keying options

Mul-T-Lock's innovative cylinder applications enable a variety of keying options to meet every organization's locking needs. From access control to re-keying, Mul-T-Lock ensures your facilities are secure and protected.

Master keying capabilities

All Mul-T-Lock patented platforms come with master keying capabilities that enable you to secure your facilities with an up-to-date, high-security solution. Available in all formats and product types, these mechanical platforms can also be combined with CLIQ® electromechanical technology to grant your business a full access control system.

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Construction Master Cylinder

Provides access to multiple doors with a common key, then instantly switches to unique combinations when necessary, rendering the common key useless once construction is completed.

3-IN-1 Cylinder

Instantly change a lock's combination up to 2 times by simply turning a key.

FleX Control

Access can be provided to specific key-holders - depending on your needs. Ideal for use with their maintenance staff, temporary workers and even full-time employees.


Operated with keys inserted and rotated on opposite sides, enabling both sides to be permanently operational.