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Konnectlock™ combines Mul-T-Lock High Security locking with GPS and mobile communication technology to create a padlock that secures and tracks your goods and lets you know where they are at all times*.

Konnectlock – A Smart, Portable Locking Solution

Konnectlock is a High Security padlock that contains advanced GPS and 3G mobile technology. With a GPS navigator, Konnectlock tracks its location, no matter where it is in the world and notify you.

You’ll get real-time alerts about the information you deem important, such as if cargo has crossed a certain geographical marker, or if anyone has accessed or attempted to access goods or property. You can select your communication channel of choice to receive alerts: web-based application; email; or text message. High Security is a given.   

Applications and Verticals

Konnectlock is ideal for cargo containers, fenced perimeters, heavy equipment, motorcycles, remote cellular towers, and anything else that needs security, especially if its mobile or remote.  It’s used by major global retailers to secure inventory, transport fleets, utility companies, construction companies, hotels, individuals and many others because of its innovative capabilities.



Advanced Remote Control – From Anywhere, To Anywhere

Using your smartphone, iPad, computer or tablet you’ll be able to get real-time information about the assets Konnectlock is protecting. The user-friendly responsive FleetCenter* application allows users to conveniently and remotely manage Konnectlock.



  • 24/7 Global Coverage & Accessibility 
    Reliable and functional worldwide coverage.
  • Real-time Alerts 
    Provides real-time information so you can take action when necessary.
  • Smart Control 
    Precise and easy web management, the FleetCenter app, allows you to remotely manage your Konnectlock network and collect a wealth of information and insights with built-in analytics.
  • Enhanced Security 
    Reliable, robust, high quality, High Security Mul-T-Lock mechanical lock that also features advanced key duplication control for an another layer of security.
  • Portable Solution 
    No external power source required – battery operated and completely autonomous.
  • Easy & Flexible Operation
    Define and schedule the information you wish to receive on alerts and select the way you will be notified (SMS, email)
  • Cost effective
    In addition to saving cost, time and physical intervention via remote monitoring capabilities, Konnectlock reduces the costs of theft and unauthorized activity. 


*FleetCenter is offered by a third party provider.  Please note that services are subject to external and environmental influences, such as satellites, cellular, frequency interference or other communications networks, weather conditions,  improper use, etc.