Integrator Break Secure XP+ Achieves Coveted TS007 *** Rating


Mul-T-Lock Integrator Break Secure XP Cylinder is the new retrofit anti-snap cylinder, designed to give consumers complete peace of mind against all forms of cylinder attack. As the first cylinder to achieve a three-star Kitemark accreditation without the need for a high-security handle, Mul-T-Lock is proud to continue its legacy of meeting and exceeding compliance with the industry’s latest rigorous tests.

What You Need to Know About BSI Kitemark TS007 ***

TS007 is a revised and improved version of the Kitemark standard for cylinders. Industry trade associations, in conjunction with the Secured by Design Police initiative, developed TS007 to address the growing concern over new attack methods that specifically target cylinders. 

In addition to the TS007 standard, cylinders and security hardware will now be classified according to the ‘star’ rating they achieve. Cylinders are able to achieve one or three stars and security hardware can attain two stars. In order to achieve a sufficient level of security, one that could resist known attack methods, a locking solution would need a minimum of three stars. This could be achieved either with: 

  • A three-star cylinder, or;
  • A one-star cylinder combined with two-star hardware 

As a locking professional, it will be your responsibility to inform consumers how to achieve a three-star solution. Mul-T-Lock’s Integrator Break Secure XP Cylinder allows you to conveniently provide a three-star solution, while giving consumers the flexibility to choose any hardware or keep existing hardware with an easy retrofit. 

Convenient. Effective. Secure. Give your customers peace of mind with Mul-T-Lock’s Integrator Break Secure XP Cylinder.