CLIQ® Web Manager Remote/Connect

For medium to large businesses – management of access rights for remote sites and users anytime and anywhere.

The powerful CLIQ Connect feature enables the administrator to allocate access authorizations, collect audit trails, configure time schedules and validate periods for user keys via remote programming devices. The award-winning CLIQ Connect allows managers to activate CLIQ Connect keys via Bluetooth-enabled smartphones, ensuring your mobile workforce gains access efficiently without a local programming device. 
It is the perfect access control solution for businesses with dispersed workers, remote sites, or both.
CLIQ Web Manager software in tandem with the CLIQ Connect app will save you money and your workers’ time since there is no need to collect or return physical keys. All they need is CLIQ Connect and a Bluetooth-equipped smartphone to update their own access rights.
Additional CLIQ Remote features include PIN Validation and Online Opening.