The Voice of the Customer: Why Mul-T-Lock Rocks

Customer satisfaction is a pretty accurate gauge of how good a product is, so when Mul-T-Lock wanted to see how they could improve their range of patented cylinder locks, they turned to their customers for the kind of hands-on feedback only real users can give.

To their overwhelming delight, they found that amongst their 830+ locksmiths spread across eight countries, Mul-T-Lock was ranked the #1 recommended brand by professional, experienced locksmiths.

Here were some of the things our survey participants said:

  • “We have been agents of Mul-T-Lock for 30 years. We are impressed with the product range and the product lines.”
  • “If you want something that works, definitely buy Mul-T-Lock.”
  • “It is a good product. As a high security lock, it meets most people's needs.”

These numbers weren’t enough to satisfy the company that’s ever-striving to give their customers the best.

“Mul-T-Lock remains the locksmith champion. However, it is not enough to get high scores in a few aspects, all parameters must be improved," said Sam Shterenshus, President & Market Region Manager of Mul-T-Lock.

Mul-T-Lock probed a bit deeper. Turning back to their customers, the quality-driven manufacturer of mechanical and electronic door locks asked what made their products stand out.

Close to 1000 locksmiths said that Mul-T-Lock was preferred to other products for its:

-       Range of high quality products

-       Security

-       Trusted name

-       Master Keying capability

-       Exclusive keyways

-       Patented key design


They also agreed that Mul-T-Lock was:

-       The most recommended brand in seven out of eight countries for Master Key Systems with superior quality

-       The #1 brand most locksmiths spontaneously mentioned in most markets compared to its biggest competitors


Locksmiths in all countries were highly satisfied with Mul-T-Lock’s product range in all aspects. The choice is simple. Contact your local locksmith for a quote on the most reliable, secure, and trusted locks on the market today.