How EPDs are Changing Your Purchasing Power

With our planet’s precious resources quickly being depleted, concerned consumers must consider a product’s carbon footprint before making a purchase. And smart companies are making this easier for their customers by publishing Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) information for their products.

EPD in Action


An EPD allows the world to see what kind of footprint a product has from start to finish, from the raw materials being used to create it, to how the product will be disposed of. With this information, customers can weigh the effect this product has on the environment alongside its price, features, and credentials before coming to a final, informed decision.


Transparency is Key


Respectable companies with quality products aren’t afraid of these reports; they’re celebrating them. These reports provide just another way for them to show their customers that they are being open about how their products impact the world.


Instead of consumers making blind purchasing decisions based on misinformation, people can go into a store and pick up a product that they know for certain is better for the environment. That’s putting the power of global environmental protection into the right hands, the hands of the consumers.


It’s in the Details


Product-specific reports include detailed breakdowns of the footprint a particular product is making on the world, not just an industry-generic estimate. The EPD is based on ISO international standards and is recognised by all major green building assessments such as LEED and BREEAM. EPDs can help to contribute towards credits or points to help achieve a higher green building rating. With a globally-recognized system, standards can be compared across brands for an accurate impression of which companies are doing better for the world.