Swiss Retirement Home Deploys SMARTair for Enhanced Security

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The Challenge

At the Les Residence Notre-Dame, a retirement home in Geneva, Switzerland, providing secure, simplified access control was no easy task. With many different types of users, any solution would need to be smart and simple enough for everyone to be able to use effectively. Users include residents; staff; and families of residents; all needing to easily use the system and be able to gain access to only those areas relevant to them.


The Solution

Once Notre-Dame’s management was introduced to the SMARTair system, they understood that it would be an ideal solution to address a wide range of their needs. SMARTair’s ability to support complex authorizations made it ideal. This means that every user only has access to the areas they are meant too. While medical staff might have access to all rooms and areas where medical supplies are kept; a resident’s key or credential would only provide access to their room and common areas. Access rights or authorizations can be programmed remotely and immediately; this is particularly helpful when keys or credentials are lost.

An added benefit for Notre-Dame is the ease in which SMARTair is installed. Disruption to the residents was minimal, if at all. No special wiring is required and it can be mounted directly on the existing mechanical lock. SMARTair puts ease-of-use at the heart of its design, making it the ideal solution for a facility such as Notre-Dame.


The Result

The SMARTair solution effectively addresses the needs of Notre-Dame management and residents. From an operational perspective, SMARTair is highly efficient and allows management to respond to issues immediately and cost-effectively. 

“After carefully comparing other solutions in the market, it was clear that SMARTair was the right choice. I needed complex access control, which could address all of the staff functions, including access to medical supplies, and the needs of the residents and their families. Additionally, I wanted to link the SMARTair credentials to other services such as access to beverage dispensers and control of personnel menus, said Antoine LAUPRE, General Manager Notre-Dame Retirement Home. “I was able to do all of this and more – SMARTair is an ideal solution.”

Everyone – from residents to management – has found the system’s simplicity and effectiveness a real benefit. 


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