In a Danish care home, SMARTair® solves the problem of lost keys

Wireless access and flexible rights create a secure, welcoming environment

The Challenge

Dagmargården is a newly built care home in the Danish town of Skanderborg. The state-of-the-art site has 54 accommodation units plus common areas and a spa.

Administered by the Skanderborg Housing Cooperative, the apartment leasing system also includes a care package offered by the municipality.

Managers sought modern access control suited to the needs of residents and staff. Also important to the cooperative was that Dagmargården should be free from the negative associations of key chains and mechanically locked doors.


Key requirements:

- to create a key-free environment that would liberate nursing staff from the time spent unlocking doors manually, as well as ---foster a more caring atmosphere
- to ensure access rights are distributed securely and only to authorized people, making the centre safe and secure
- a solution to the problem of physical key loss, with a system that allowed access rights to be amended instantly

The Solution

Working with a trusted local installer, the Skanderborg Housing Cooperative chose SMARTair™ wireless access control for their new centre. Wire-free installation saved the cooperative time and money. SMARTair™ locks are battery-powered, so maintenance costs are minimized. The site has both Offline and Wireless Online components, ensuring security managers are kept informed about security status in real time — which can be essential when dealing with the client group living at Dagmargården.

Everyone opens doors using standard credentials equipped with MIFARE® RFID technology. Residents are issued with a tag which automatically opens their door, without the need to turn a handle or even push.

Because SMARTair™ access rights can be individually tailored, residents, staff and visitors access only those doors for which they have authorization. Access permissions can be amended when needed — and cancelled if anyone loses a credential, saving time and money wasted on changing mechanical locks. “SMARTair™ is practical in daily life and we can see who has been where and when.” says Ole Høi Sørensen. “We do not have a problem with lost keys.”


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