Smart buildings go wireless the easy way with SMARTair™ from Mul-T-Lock®

Moving to wireless access control, without busting the budget, just got a whole lot easier. SMARTair™ from Mul-T-Lock® is a seamless step up from any organization’s mechanical master key system.

The key to secure success? Its unmatched simplicity.

SMARTair™ from Mul-T-Lock® is easy to install, with no cabling, no wires, and therefore no electricians needed on site.

It is easy to run: SMARTair™ from Mul-T-Lock® takes the labour out of lost keys, enabling facilities managers to change access rights at a moment’s notice.Open doors remotely, from anywhere. Issue or revoke keys instantly.

Generate an audit trail for every secure door in the building at the touch of a button.The administrative software is simple, visual, and easy even for non-technical staff to master.

Its matrix is intuitive, and based on standard mechanical master key systems for a pain-free transition.
SMARTair™ from Mul-T-Lock® is also cost-effective to run on a daily basis.

Using standard batteries, rather than a mains power connection, keeps running and maintenance costs for locks to a minimum. Smart locks alert you when batteries need replacing. For every door, at every level of control, SMARTair™ offers the most efficient and flexible way to update access rights or receive audit trails.

“SMARTair™ from Mul-T-Lock® enables organizations of any size go wireless, without the worry,” says Micha Kimchi, President & Market Region Manager of Mul-T-Lock®.

“Our secure ecosystem is within technical and financial reach of any company looking to extend or upgrade an access control system. SMARTair™ from Mul-T-Lock® works alongside or replaces a mechanical master key system.”

A light footprint doesn’t mean a lightweight security system. SMARTair™ users can carry RFID cards, tags, or bracelets. Encrypted credentials are available in several secure RFID technologies, including iCLASS® by HID, MIFARE™ Classic and DESFire™.

One user credential opens several wireless locks within the organization—keeping access easy for employees as well as facilities managers.

The system is modular and fully scalable to meet access control requirements for any size of building, in the healthcare sector, heritage properties, education, multi-residential complexes, public buildings, and anywhere that easy, affordable, and secure access control is a priority.

SMARTair™ from Mul-T-Lock® secures more than just doors. Alongside a full range of battery powered electronic cylinders, escutcheons, and locks, are wall readers, locks for cabinets, lifts, vending machines, and lockers. It is simple to integrate every lock into one single, secure access system, even across multiple sites.

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