Mul-T-Lock Traka 21 solution maintains security compliance


As a company that provides a way for other companies to maintain compliance with their digital communications, they themselves must follow regulatory standards in order to be able to serve their markets. With Mul-T-Lock’s CLIQ and Interactive platform already deployed to secure their premises, they wanted take key management a step further.

The CLIQ Interactive system tracked the keys as they were being used, creating a detailed audit trail for management and auditors. They extended the locking solution with Traka21.

It is a smart, cost-effective key management system that allows to track the whereabouts of each key from the moment a user took it. Keys secured in the Traka21 cabinet are only released when an authorized, personal code is keyed in. It then records, who took the key and when it was returned.

CLIQ tracks every action the key takes in between, giving complete auditing capabilities. Staying a step ahead of regulators, it can now track access and usage of any key.

Moreover, the automated auditing capabilities make compliance reporting much easier, saving time and cost. The completely auditable system also adds extra accountability and transparency into how and when people are accessing sensitive areas within the company. This can serve as a major deterrent to any possible mal-intended actions. The combined Mul-T-Lock solution works to enhance overall security.