Everything You Need to Know to Set Up Successful Landing Page

These days, every aspect of our daily lives is undergoing a digital transformation. Surely you see it in your line of work; traditional mechanical platforms are not alone in the market anymore,  there also electromechanical cylinders, and access control platforms that are becoming standard as part of comprehensive residential and commercial security solutions. As such, when marketing your locksmithing business, you most certainly must invest in digital tools and techniques.

Today, we’re going to discuss landing pages (LPs) and their integral role as part of your complete digital marketing strategy.

But first…

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a mini-website or website page that internet users “land on” after clicking on a particular search engine link. This page will typically be designed for a certain action-driving purpose, such as getting customers to start a free trial, call for a consult, learn a product’s overview or make a sale. The whole point of the landing page is to engage the user so that they become a viable lead.

Why you need a landing page for your business

In 2018, the average potential future customer has an attention span of roughly 8 seconds. That’s not nearly enough time for them to enter your website, understand your offering and search for the locking system that best suits their needs. A landing page is a quick and efficient way of capturing users’ attention long enough to pique their interest and entice them to want more - by calling, clicking or subscribing. As such, it is an ideal way for you to drive business for your locksmithing business in the digital era.

Best practices for locksmithing landing page success

1. Design with a goal in mind

What are you trying to convince users to do? Every landing page should tackle one goal and one goal only. Create separate LPs to drive purchases of different products, entice users to subscribe, start demos or set up a consultation. User clear and concise headlines and visual aids to make your goal obvious at first glance.

2. Cater to your target audience’s needs

Ask yourself, what does your customer base need - and then do your due diligence and research consumer demands of the locksmithing industry. Then, center your LP content around how you can resolve customers’ problems and fulfill their locking system supply needs.

3. Feature limited-time offers to create a sense of urgency & exclusivity

Make your users feel like they’d be missing out on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity if they don’t click through NOW. Offer them a discount, freebie, or other promotional item, applicable for a limited time only, or grant them access to gated educational or engaging content. Be sure to highlight the unique value of your featured offer.

4. Focus on your offering’s benefits

As mentioned above, your users won’t stay on your LP for long, unless you prove your business’ worth in a flash. Instead of wasting time comparing yourself to the competition, highlight your locksmithing company’s benefits - the added value you provide, without mentioning anyone else. Using social proof (testimonials) can be beneficial.

5. Remember, less is more and clear leads to clicks

Take a minimalist approach to your LP’s content and design and make sure your users can easily understand the goal of your LP. Use the absolute least amount of text and form fields possible and make sure your call-to-action button(s) are compelling, prominently placed and in a contrasting color, for maximum visibility.

6. Always optimize for mobile

Your customers are busy, ever on the go and digitally savvy. Make sure your LP is optimized for mobile so that they can access it anytime and from anywhere!

In conclusion

Landing pages are great for raising speedy awareness for your locksmithing business and driving potential future customers to engage and possibly even buy your products. In short, if you want your locksmithing business to succeed in the digital age, creating your own LPs is the way to go!


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