Cylinder applications that respond to your customers’ needs

Mul-T-Lock’s innovative cylinder applications enable high-security locking solutions to meet every customer’s locking needs. From access control to re-keying, Mul-T-Lock ensures your cylinders are securely protected.

3IN1 Cylinder

Mul-T-Lock’s 3in1 cylinder allows for the instant re-keying of mechanical lock cylinders without the need for any special tools or services. No removal or disassembly of the cylinder is required. Simply insert and turn a key to permanently change the cylinder to a new combination and nullify the previous key up to two times, providing your customer with full control of instantaneous re-keying capabilities. When all three combinations have been used, the cylinder may be re-keyed by an authorized Mul-T-Lock locksmith. Can be integrated with all patented key platforms.

FleX Control

Combining convenience with simplicity, the FleX Control cylinder gives you the ability to control entrance access with four color-coded keys and an easy-to-use, mechanical solution. Access can be provided to specific key-holders - depending on your customers’ timely access control needs. Ideal for use with their maintenance staff, temporary workers and even full-time employees. Can be integrated with the Interactive+ and ClassicPro patented key platforms.

Construction Master Cylinder

Build your reputation with the Construction Master Cylinder 

Specially invented for customers in the construction business, the smart and simple, high-security Construction Master Cylinder provides maximum convenience. It allows your builder and contractor customers to have the convenience of using a single master key for all properties during construction. Once tenants take possession of the property, the master key is irreversibly disabled. Can be integrated with the Interactive+, ClassicPro and Integrator patented key platforms.

Modular Cylinder

Create the right-sized cylinder on-the-spot and save time and money with Mul-T-Lock’s Modular Cylinder. This cylinder can be created in a wide variety of sizes at any location and immediately integrated with the MT5+, ClassicPro and Interactive+ patented key platforms for a fully-controlled, fully secure locking solution.