The Art of Watchmaking and Lock Making

What do watchmaking and lock making have in common? The quality ones are both made from highly precise, very small, intricately designed pieces. And that requires precision machinery. Of course not all locks use these kinds of precision parts or the expert machinery that makes them. They are expensive and require in-depth knowledge to produce. But Mul-T-Lock does. It uses the same machinery. It’s one of the ways it achieves it high levels of reliability, security and functionality.

While an accurate, beautiful wrist watch is a luxury, ensuring the security of your home, along with your loved ones and possessions, is not and is definitely a higher priority. That means making sure that the lock manufacturer takes as much or more care than a watchmaker takes in making their precise time pieces. It requires an attention to detail, innovation, understanding and a commitment to quality.

All Locks Aren’t Created Equally 

When looking for locks or a locking system for your home or office, there are several things you can do to ensure you’re getting what you need. Firstly, talk to a locksmith. A qualified locksmith will be able to answer your questions and find you the right solution.

  • Is the lock fortified against intrusion attempts (bump, drill and pick)? And what makes it so?
  • Has the lock been field proven by the market with good results?
  • Does the cylinder contain special technology to control key duplication? Mul-T-Lock has patent-protected technology that reduces and almost eliminates the ability to duplicate keys by anyone else other than the owner.  
  • Are there additional convenience features that make my locking system safer? New digital technologies are enabling new locks that can include key-less locking via fingerprints, codes, smartphone apps and more.

Asking the right questions to ensure your locks are being made with the care, quality and commitment to excellence that you need, goes far in ensuring your peace of mind.