Digital Door Locks Leave Your Home Secure and the World a Cleaner Place

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In today’s world, it’s important to preserve natural resources and minimize the use of hazardous substances. How can we balance this with our need to live and utilize resources as well? The answer is sustainability: letting people live optimally today without compromising the wellbeing of the world of tomorrow. Companies and products with sustainable options help to make the world a better place for the present and the future. It’s the responsible way of doing business today.

While ENTR® delivers a highly functional and convenient door- locking system, there’s a lot more that goes into the design. Mul-T-Lock has created door locks that havewith both you humans and the environment in mind, providing a convenient solution for you and a cleaner solution for our world. Take a lookHere’ at what are some of the things that Mul-T-Lock ENTR is doing right to keep carbon footprints down and healthier attitudes up.

Key-Free, It’s the Only Way to Be

ENTR® offers a key-free solution with fingerprint, keypads, and other digital options, ENTR offers a brilliant, key-free solution. But Did you know realize that a keyless door locks will not just give you peace of mind, but willcan help save the environment as well.?

Digital keys, created instantly by you through an app, save on save  materials and energy that would normally be spent used to making duplicate keys each time one they aregets lost , misplaced, or needs to be copied. Less Thisresources being used means a cleaner livingworld all around.

A Cleaner World, One Door Lock at a Time

Mul-T-Lock ENTR takes toxic waste seriously, and ensures that all ENTR® parts, systems, and products are in full compliance with the latest environmental standards and are including PVC-free, RoHS, WEEE, and REACH compliancy. And in case you were wondering, ENTR® actually consumes 71% % less energy than your the average wired digital door lock, so you save on your electric bill while and leaving leave a cleaner smaller footprint as well.

In addition, while rechargeable is good, but sustainable solutions are only as good as their lasting power they provide. The ENTR® door lock system only needs to be charged for a total of just 16 hours throughout perthe entire year (or four hours per quarter-year). The battery itself has a 5five-year lifespan and is completely recyclable, allowing for harmless disposal. For that matter, 90% % of the entire door lock is recyclable.

Pre-Existing Door Hardware

With One of the most frustrating parts of installing a newmost electronic door locks,  is the cost and effort of upgrading the system. whether it is a biometric door lock, a keypad door lock, or a standard electronic door lock, most models require homeowners must to purchase new doors, door handles, or hardware, and even doors to incorporatefor the new system. ENTR®, on the other hand, allows lets you to keep your current doors, handles and hardware, doors, and handlesand , simply clicking the new digital door lock into place over the pre-existing hardware, as discussed earlier.

Wire-Free, Worry-Free Installation

Time is money, and the resources it takes to retrofit a front door lock to withincorporate most digital locks wastes time, money, and energy, especially when it is awith wired onelocks. ENTR®  saves homeowners all these hassles with its simple, wireless installation. There’s no need to drill or wire;, it is a simple process thatwhich takes only just a few minutes. Usually a locksmith takes care ofis needed for the installation, but DIYers can get the job doneinstall ENTR®  by unscrewing the old cylinder, installing it into the new electronic door lock, and then setting codes for instant access. The ENTR®  website has a step-by-step video to help owners you install these your locks in a jiffy.

Digital Generation

ENTR®  is a digital door lock, withuses remote system upgrades that requires virtually no at-home technical assistance. What’s more, because everything is online, you can request and receive updates or reports directly to your phone without and skip the having to printing, storagee, and waste of paper documents.

Spread the Word

Mul-T-Lock has invested to make a solid product that delivers convenience and security to its customers without compromising the environment. Even the packaging is made from 100% % recycled materials and is completely recyclable. Now that you know about this eco-friendly option, spread the word and show your friends that there’s a more convenient and more sustainable smart- locking solution available for them right now.