Limitations and External Influences

  1. Door position sensor might be influenced by external electromagnetic interference.
  2. After mechanical key operation, the user should unlock and lock the unit electronically.


New Unit Installation and Configuratio

Symptom Corrective action
The unit isn't accepting my administrative code. Make sure the code you are using contains between 4-10 digits and is different from the "12345" factory code.
When I try to start the configuration (Cfg) process, I'm getting an error sound and light. This could mean that the factory code hasn't been replaced with your administrative code. Go back and set your administrative code.
At the end of Step 1 of the configuration process, I'm getting an error sound

1. Verify that you are able to lock and unlock the door using the key without issue.

2. Please contact your locksmith
At the end of Step 2 of the configuration process, I'm getting an error sound

1. Verify that the magnet has been correctly positioned

2. Contact to your locksmith to replace the magnet with a stronger one.
I turn the knob, but the lock isn't unlocking.

1. Make sure that the mechanical key can operate the lock

2. Check that the electronic unit is properly attached to the cylinder.

3. Please consult with your locksmith/installer to ensure proper installation was completed.
I've configured ENTR™, but when I slide my fingers down, the door locks; and when I slide my fingers up, it unlocks -- opposite actions of what should happen.

1. Redo the configuration process.

2. Pay attention to the door's orientation, (Left = 1 and Right = 2).


Remote Control

Symptom Corrective action
I'm having trouble pairing the remote control.

1. Please confirm that the LED on the remote control is ON when you press the button.

2. Repeat the pairing process again while standing closer to the door unit.

3. If after these steps are taken and pairing still isn't working, please contact your locksmith / installer.
Sometimes the remote control doesn't open on the first attempt. The remote control operates on RF signal, so you need to be within a certain proximity to the lock. Get closer and try again.


Constant Usage

Symptom Corrective action
ENTR has started double beeping whenever I lock or unlock the door. This is an indication your battery is low; it's time to charge the door unit.
The unit has started to beep constantly.

1. Place the knob in the zero position.

2. Please consult your locksmith or installer.
Sliders aren't responding as expected. Turn the unit off, wait for 3 seconds, and then turn it back on to reset it.
The touch panel isn't responding as expected. Turn the door unit off and wait for 3 seconds. When turning the power back on, avoid touching the front panel until the unit beeps.
The latch isn't moving fully into position.

1. Pull/push the door toward the frame and observe if the problem is solved. If so, consult your locksmiths to adjust the door or lock case.

2. Verify that the lock is operating smoothly when manually using the key.
When I lock or unlock the unit, an error sound occurs. Please consult with your locksmith / installer to adjust the door or lock case.
The power adaptor is not charging the door unit. Make sure you are using the dedicated ENTR power adaptor that was supplied with your lock. Standard 5V power adaptors WILL NOT charge the unit.


Fingerprint/Touchpad reader

Symptom Corrective action
I'm having trouble pairing with the wall reader.

1. Repeat the pairing process until you hear double beep from both the door unit and the wall reader.

2. In some cases, if there are electro-magnetic interferences, there may be a need to repeat the pairing process several times until pairing is completed.
I'm having trouble pairing the wall reader with the door unit.

Set the door unit to pair mode, by pressing Add + Code

+ 1, then immediately set the wall reader to pair mode. You'll have a 30 second window until the door unit reverts back to standby mode.
The wall reader's blue LED is blinking, but the door unit isn't responding. Verify that the wall reader is paired to the door unit by redoing the pairing process -- you will hear double beeps from both devices when completed.
The touchpad isn't accepting the PIN code I'm entering.

1. This specific code already exists within the device's memory.

2. Make sure that the PIN code is 4 - 10 digits.
I have replaced the batteries, but when I press on "5", nothing happens. You need to first power-up the wall reader by pressing and holding the "#" button for 5 seconds.
My 5-year old son and his grandmother's fingerprints are no longer working with the fingerprint reader.

Both children and the elderly have fingerprints that change. If this occurs, you'll have to repeat the fingerprint learning process for them.

Alternatively, they can use a PIN code.
The fingerprint Touchpad keys aren't functioning properly. Please go to Setting mode --> Device --> Device, in order to get the product version. Contact your locksmith / installer for further information and next steps.


Mobile App

Symptom Corrective action
The ENTR mobile app is disconnected from the door unit and/or I can't find my lock on the app.

1. Make sure your phone is compatible with bluetooth 4.0, and that your phone model and OS version are approved for ENTR.

2. Refresh the app.

3. Only one phone can connect to ENTR at the same time. It's possible that another user's phone is already connected to ENTR. If so, close the app on any other user's phone.

4. Close the app, turn off your phone's Bluetooth. Then turn Bluetooth back on, and open the app.

5. Turn the door unit off, and then turn it on again.

I've updated the OS on my mobile phone, but the ENTR app still isn't working properly.

If you are a lock owner, uninstall and then re-install the app. Then go to My Locks in the app and choose lock recovery. Use your owner password to recover the lock. If you are a user, please ask the lock owner to issue you a new key.

I'm unable to complete the 'Set Owner' process because I can't scan the QR on the ENTR package.

1. Verify that you have a working internet connection.

2. Try to enter the unit's serial number manually (IFEU000xxxx…).

3. Open a ticket
I have created a key for a new user, bu the user doesn't see the that the key is available even though the user is within the lock's Bluetooth range.

1. As only one phone can connect to the lock at the same time, please make sure you have closed your app.

2. Verify that you completed the key creation process by selecting the "active" button.

3. Verify that the new user did not exceed the expiration time you have set for this key.
I'm unable to open the door from a distance of 10 meters / yards

1. The app works via a Bluetooth connection , which can be impacted by the environment.

2. For both security and functionality reasons, the ideal operating distance should not exceed 5m from the door

3. Try moving as close as possible to the lock."
I'm getting strange error messages and/or the app crashed during operation

1. Verify that you are using a supported mobile device and OS for ENTR app.