Keyless Access Options

Smartphone App

With the ENTR app you can lock and unlock your door from your smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth-enabled device with encrypted Bluetooth smart technology that isn’t dependent on network reception. Program your electronic door lock with up to 20 different virtual keys that can easily be changed or deleted directly from the app.

Fingerprint Wall Reader

The ENTR fingerprint wall reader allows you to create authorized fingerprints and codes for up to 20 users, such as family, neighbors or babysitters, and to manage and schedule user authorization. You’ll never forget or lose your fingerprint!

Touchpad Wall Reader

With the ENTR touchpad wall reader, you can easily program up to 20 different codes to unlock your door securely. Each member of your household and anyone else you choose can select a sequence that is easy to remember and can easily be revoked in case of leakage.

Remote Control

The ENTR remote control lets you unlock your door from a distance whether you’re inside or out. No need to get off the couch – just click the button! The system can handle up to 20 remote controls, which are easy to add or remove. This feature is particularly useful for people with limited mobility.