Code Handle® FAQ

What is Code Handle?     

Code Handle is an innovative electro-mechanical door and window locking device that has a keypad embedded in its handle. In order to unlock the door or window, users are required to key in a unique personal code

Why use Code Handle to lock a door or window?       

Code Handle provides convenient, simple security. It is so easy to use that it helps maintain security, enabling users to keep doors and windows locked, even when they leave the room for a short time.  

What are Code Handle's main features and benefits?      

Its simplicity and convenience make Code Handle a preferred locking solution to enhance security at your office, clinic or home. It’s easy to install and use, and includes configurable options such as locking mode (manual or automatic), passage mode and sound indications.  

What is the Administrator Code?  

The Administrator Code is the code used by the ‘system administrator’ to configure and manage Code Handle’s settings. This code is entered prior to the Code Handle handle being installed on the door. It cannot be changed as long as it remains installed on the door. As such, it’s important to keep your Administrator Code safe to ensure the security of your handle. 

I forgot my Administrator Code. What can I do?      

You will need to reset and re-install your handle. Remove your handle from the door and restart the installation process beginning from the first step, which is the setup of the Administrator Code. Remember that this will remove all user codes from your handle and you will need to configure them again.  For more details on the installation process please refer to the Code Handle installation guide.

What type of batteries does Code Handle use?      

Code Handle Door handles require 2 x CR2 3V lithium batteries. Code Handle Window handles require 2 x AAA alkaline batteries. 

How often will I need to replace Code Handle’s batteries?

The Code Handle Door handle batteries have been tested for approximately 100,000 locking cycles. The Code Handle Window handle batteries have been tested for approximately 20,000 locking cycles. 

Where can I purchase the Code Handle?        

You can contact an authorized Mul-T-Lock dealer for information about how Code Handle can benefit your organization, along with purchasing information. In addition, you can contact us, and we will be happy to assisted you find a local dealer.